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Call for R&D Proposals

C3iHub Solicitation No: 2021-01

Please note: Please read the Proposal Preparation Instruction on this page first.
Some of the information you provide in the proposal pdf file you also need to provide in the fields below. Therefore please fill in the fields below as per the information in your proposal pdf file.

Please select the target specific area(s) from the 20 listed below. You must choose at least one, you can choose more than one.

Please note:
CV should be at most 3 pages.
It should include details of 5 major publications in the field relevant to the proposal and 5 other major publications. Total 10 publications should be listed.
CV should also include list of top 5 funded projects with dates of project start and end, project title and names of all PI/Co-PI.
Experience should be listed with current job at the top and then in reverse chronological order.
Education should be listed from Bachelors till PhD/Postdoctoral level.

Name Institute Email id Mobile Action

Budget head 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year
Others (please specify below) 

Plese note:
Proposal should be at most 14 pages.

References Salutation Name Institute Designation Email Mobile
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Reference 3

Please note you have two options, Save & Submit. If you Save the proposal then you can modify it later. If you Submit the proposal, you will not be able to modify it. For an appraisal of your proposal, you have to finally submit the proposal. Proposals which are saved but not submitted will not be reviewed.